xQc Gets Put On Blast For "Straight-Up Lying" After GTA RP Showdown

xQc Gets Put On Blast For “Straight-Up Lying” After GTA RP Showdown

The GTA RP NoPixel community has condemned Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel for “straight-up lying” after losing a gunfight to another player and saying it happened without enough roleplay.

xQc has a history of clashing with members of the GTA RP NoPixel community. They called him out in October 2021 for making a “stripper” remark about a female streamer. He retaliated by accusing them of “double standards.”

After he was shot and killed in a firefight, the town has turned against him once more. “Can you guys at least say something before you start shooting? (And) Can you say at least anything at all? Can you engage with me? “Holy f**k!” he said.

He was urged to “relax” and cease being “weird” by the other player. The influencer explained that his crew was engaged in a shootout with xQc’s crew and that it was not his duty if they did not inform him of the situation.

xQc screamed, “What gunfight? What gunfight? Where? What are you guys talking about? Nobody told me anything. What the f**k are you on about? Why would I go there with my gun out? I didn’t have my gun out!”

On Reddit, the incident generated a debate. Some players pointed out that xQc’s team did, in fact, inform him on the radio that the shootout was taking place as he approached. He was accused of “straight-up lying,” they said.

“Asking what gunfight when Jack told him on the radio LUL,” wrote one user. “One second before the clip starts, he [asked a crew member if he was okay]. He 100% knew the gunfight had started,” wrote another. They also claimed that “all is fair” when he wins a fight, but when he loses, it’s a different story.

xQc Receives Backlash From Reddit

“X wins a fight, all is fair, sh*t-talking all around. X loses a fight, and everything is scummy. What is this? Is this even RP?” wrote one user.

“Every fight he has been involved with when he loses, he uses the ‘its a rule break’ excuse. It’s getting so annoying,” wrote another. “Have you watched him playing rust? It’s not even specific to GTA?” added a third. xQc appears to have reacted to the outcry by naming people on Reddit. He not only accused them of being “mentally ill” and in need of “professional help,” but he also told followers that their opinions were worthless.

“Stop giving people credit. They’re f**king mentally ill. Redditors need professional help. They’re f**king braindead degenerate f**king morons. Stop computing their opinions as something of value. They are f**king sh*theads.”

The event is yet another stumbling block in xQc’s love-hate relationship with the GTA RP NoPixel community. Despite the backlash, his presence on the server has contributed to a number of memorable moments, including the famed Rainbow Road theft.

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