‘xQc Cracks Me Up’: Twitch Streamer Shroud On xQc’s Streams

xQc and Shroud are two of the biggest names of Twitch. Having a fallen-out relationship in the past, they however continue to defend one another and of course, have some moments to cherish.

Recently, Twitch streamer Michael Shroud talked about his counterpart Felix xQc. He revealed what makes him laugh the most while watching xQc’s streams.

What Does Shroud Find Funny In xQc’s Stream?

While xQc is a hilarious streamer who entertains his audience to the max, Shroud points out one specific thing that ‘cracks’ him up. It is “xQc tweaking his game settings” every now and then.

“Dude, watching xQc stream is so funny because he streams on one PC. So, he has to tweak his settings so that the game doesn’t lag on stream,” Shroud began.

“It’s so fitting for him as a person,” he said further, hinting towards xQc’s rather chaotic lifestyle.

“It’s so f**king funny. He’s got to change texture quality. I love it. I think it’s so funny. xQc cracks me up!”

Shroud Talks About The Fate Of Twitch

Fans would not relate to “Shroud’s version of funny“ but being a streamer, it all makes sense to Shroud.

Recently, as many big names from Twitch started shifting to YouTube Gaming, Shroud gave his opinion about the fate of Twitch.

He feels that the exodus of big streamers like TimTheTatman and Dr Lupo will not kill Twitch because it’s a very big platform and smaller shakeups like these would not affect it.

“Do [I] think Twitch is going to die if big streamers go to move onto YouTube? No. There’s always going to be someone else to take the spot of the views,” he explained.


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