WWE’s Triple H Takes a Strict Stance on ‘Blood’ in pro wrestling

In a presentation, WWE’s Chief Content Officer discussed bleeding. Early WWE matches were notorious for bloodshed, and other promotions like AEW, Impact, and New Japan haven’t shied away from it either. However, over the past ten years, WWE has shifted away from bleeding (especially the antiquated wrestling technique of blading), and “The Game” said he won’t be changing that stance under his booking.

Triple H said ”The world has changed”

“The world is now different. The planet has changed. It doesn’t seem necessary to me, “said Levesque.

“When one of our performers is [cut open], you’ll typically see them roll out and be examined to make sure there are no potentially harmful elements. Given the current state of the world and the pandemic, I simply believe that what we do is already dangerous enough without purposefully making it worse. Yes, for a long time we did [feature bleeding], but we no longer do that. Going back is also reckless.”

He continued, “Look, I feel like I spend more time talking people out of stuff than I do [talking people into something] when you have guys and women performing at the highest of levels. “I’ve been doing this for years, and you’re holding your breath the entire show as you watch this unfold back there behind that TV monitor. There seems to always be a risk-to-reward ratio. Is it so significant that people will leave with that image ingrained in their minds and never be able to forget it? Because it must be worthwhile to risk your health and your professional longevity for that place or that moment. I have thus discouraged people from doing things because sometimes I’m like, ‘Look, be honest; it’s just a spot.'”

Why do WWE superstars never bleed when punched in the face or kicked in the head?

The matches are typically well-choreographed and the wrestlers are skilled athletes. When you watch a live professional wrestling match for the first time, it will be clear if you truly want an accurate response (re camera angles). The fights in WWE, which stands for Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment, are for entertainment purposes only and are not real. Professional wrestling is still a demanding sport, despite this. They make a concerted effort to avoid hurting each other because it’s challenging to amuse yourself if you’re injured and unable to perform.

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Will it ever happen again?

Hard to say!

When Orton and Lesnar engaged in combat a few years ago, Orton was left lying in a pool of blood.

That is the challenging method. After a few elbows or closed fists to the eye brow or temple, bleeding will appear. Following this event, Jericho lost his mind and turned against Lesnar. Jericho confronted the roid rage brick sh!thouse despite Vince McMahon’s arrival and claim that it was all “work.” But if you watch professional wrestling, you know that “closed fists” are supposed to be against the law. There is no longer intended to be blood because it is not PG. The guys thus tend to stay away from those areas. But in recent years, probably as a result of the product becoming stale and losing fans as they switched from wrestling to soap opera writers instead of wrestlers booking wrestling, the sport has suffered.

On certain occasions, blood is acceptable as long as it was obtained through hardship or accident. Not so long ago, any blood that a wrestler may have had was immediately cleaned up with a wet wipe. It was wiped, even if it was just a trickle from the thumb to the eye.

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