WWE Stars Are reportedly happy about Cody Rhodes' return

WWE Stars Are reportedly happy about Cody Rhodes’ return 

As previously reported, Cody Rhodes has finally signed with WWE, and The American Nightmare is expected to make his debut over WrestleMania 38 weekend. Rhodes inked a WWE deal 10-14 days ago, according to reports.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp tweeted shortly after the news surfaced that he “talked to a lot of top WWE talent last month” who sounded “extremely thrilled” about Rhodes’ comeback to the promotion. WrestleMania 38 is expected to feature Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins. The bout was still scheduled officially for the Showcase of Immortals on Monday, according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer.

With fewer than 3 weeks until Mania, Rollins has yet to be matched against an opponent. On The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, he may have reversed his fortunes by grabbing a pot of gold and stomping a leprechaun. The video has been used in WWE’s narrative about Rollins being not able to find a way to Mania. The Allstate Arena, located in Chicago, Illinois, will host Monday’s RAW. Cody Rhodes is rumoured to be on his way to confront Seth Rollins, according to social media.

Cody Rhodes’ Return

Booker T went on to say that Cody Rhodes’ return would be a significant shakeup for the team. He also doesn’t believe Cody expected him to return that fast.

“I’m not sure what the situation is with AEW’s breakup. On the other hand, I know when Cody left WWE, but I am not certain or anything like that. I am not 100 percent certain on this by any means. However, I can only guess that WWE would be the last place Cody would have expected to return in less than three years. “I might be completely incorrect,” he said. “However, if the door is open for Cody, I believe it would be a fantastic move for Cody to go right through that Forbidden Door and change things up.” Because Cody Rhodes returning to WWE would be a massive shakeup.

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