WWE NXT UK tapings have been cancelled

The COVID-19 outbreak sent NXT UK into a hiatus, and since its return, the brand has taped shows in the BT Sports Studios. As talent is soon to fly to Florida to take part in NXT programming, WWE will keep some NXT UK wrestlers busy. The planned travelers included Joe & Mark Coffey and Charlie Dempsey, who is the son of William Regal.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, the reigning NXT UK Tag Team Champions, have recently been utilized by WWE as regular NXT stars for the NXT UK brand.

Future of NXT UK

Since WWE altered their developing programme and changed the name of their flagship programme to NXT 2.0, considerable conjecture has been made over the future of NXT UK.

NXT UK struggled to regain momentum after being shut down for months in 2020 at the outset of the pandemic. The organization was founded when Triple H had a vision for worldwide developmental territories, a notion that seems to have been abandoned by the time of the 2.0 redesign. For use on either the Florida-based brand or the main roster, many of the show’s most prominent performers have already been recruited to the country.

Given the success of initiatives like NXT-UK, could the WWE launch an NXT brand in other nations, like as Japan, etc.?

Can they? Definitely. Another question is whether or not they would. With the recent problems arrived within WWE NXT UK, we will have to wait and see.

NXT UK was established to cultivate British talent and entice them to sign with the WWE. The UK was selected mostly due to the lack of a well-established main brand there. However, they did receive numerous independent boosts. Many of the stars in the independent scene in the UK had potential, and Triple H, the man primarily in charge of WWE developmental, decided to concentrate on creating a UK developmental brand.

In recent years, NXT talent has had a dismal track record transitioning to the big stage.

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A lot of ”uneasiness” of the NXT UK Talent after the recent taping being cancelled?

WWE NXT UK has been the subject of much speculation over the years, and it has only become worse recently as pay issues have come to light. Earlier this year, WWE decided not to award former referee Artemis a pay raise despite the cost of living problem in the UK. Artemis stated she took a significant pay cut from her job as a teacher to work on NXT UK.

Recent interview from American journalist, David Allen Meltzer stated –

”The NXT U.K. crew feels a great deal of unease. On 8/9, the second and third rounds of television tapings were postponed. The justification offered was that the football and soccer coverage required using the BT Sports Studios, where they tape. But given that you might tape elsewhere and that stopping tapings is never a positive indication, you can only image how the talent will respond. Nobody has actually received any information.”

We will be to see a brilliant matchup next week on NXT, where the NXT Women’s Championship match between Mandy Rose and Zoey Stark will take place at Heatwave on Tuesday.

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