Would You Rather With Valerie Grand

Valerie Grand is a lifestyle blogger, fashion model, fitness expert and social media influencer. She has been in the blogging space for over 5 years now and boasts a solid 230k+ followers base on Instagram. She was the first guest on our new segment named Influencers Got Clout.

During the interview, Valerie also shared her opinion about the difference between Fame and Clout. She thinks that having a mix of both in her personality would be ideal.

Apart from the general interview and fiery rapid-fire segment, Valerie played an interesting Would You Rather game for her fans. She gets to choose between interesting and tricky would you rather questions and here are the results.

Would You Rather Interview

Clout News: Would You Rather Never Use Social Media Again Or Never Watch Another Movie?

Valerie: Never watch another movie

Clout News: Would You Rather Travel In The Future Or To The Past?

Valerie: Uhmm.. to the past

Clout News: Would You Rather Gym Or Quit Veganism?

Valerie: Quit gym, for sure

Clout News: Would You Rather Always Get Stuck In Traffic Or Have Slow Internet?

Valerie: Get stuck in traffic. I hate slow internet.

Clout News: Would You Rather Be In Makeup Forever Or Never Be Able To Wear Makeup Ever Again?

Valerie: Never to do makeup again, actually. It get’s uncomfortable at times.

Clout News: Would You Rather Have One Wish Granted Today Or Five Wishes Five Years From Now?

Valerie: Five wishes five years from now

Clout News: Would You Rather Be Able To Teleport Anywhere Or Read Minds Of Others?

Valerie: To read people’s mind.. I would like to know what others think *laughs*

Clout News: Would You Rather Be Able To Speak To Animals Or Speak To Non-Living Things?

Valerie: To animals.. I would love that

Clout News: Would You Rather Go Back In Time To Fix Something Or In The Future To See Where You Are?

Valerie: Probably going to the future and seeing where I am going to be

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