Would You Rather With Ali Levine

Ali Levine is a fashion expert, a celebrity stylist, a TV personality, and also a celebrity TV correspondent and lifestyle blogger. She is an inspirational personality who sat down with us exclusively for an interview.

The fashionista talked about what fashion and what clout means to her and her journey to being a stylist. Ali Levine explained what clout was for her when she entered the industry. Ali explained, “It’s funny, I was thinking about this question. And, you know, I love everything that, you know, has been built around Clout news and everything that’s shared.”

She further joined us for a fun segment we call, “Would You Rather“!

Would You Rather Interview

Clout News: Would you rather Never Use Social media again or never watch another movie or tv show?

Ali: Probably, TV Show to be honest. I haven’t turned on my TV. Just too much going on here.

Clout News: Would you rather have three kids and no money or no kids with three million dollars?

Ali: Oh, kids.

Clout News: Would you rather be the funniest person or the most intelligent one?

Ali: Probably, funny and make other people laugh.

Clout News: Would you rather be able to wear clothes from the 80s or rather wear clothes designed by an 8-year-old?

Ali: This is a hard one. I love the 80s but an 8-year-old might be creative. I will go with the 80s.

Clout News: Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Ali: Teleport anywhere.

Clout News: Would you rather be able to speak all languages or speak all animals?

Ali: Good gracious. Probably all languages just so I can communicate with people but it would be cool to speak to all animals.

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Ali also sat down with Clout News exclusively for a candid chat as she revealed about her journey, motherhood, her career, and everything else in between. Watch the full interview here exclusively.


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