Exclusive Interview With Ali Levine

Ali Levine is a fashion expert, a celebrity stylist, a TV personality, and also celebrity TV correspondent and lifestyle blogger. She is an inspirational personality who sat down with us exclusively for an interview.

The fashionista talked about what fashion and what clout means to her and her journey to being a stylist. Ali Levine explained what clout was for her when she entered the industry. Ali explained, “It’s funny, I was thinking about this question. And, you know, I love everything that, you know, has been built around Clout news and everything that’s shared.”

The celebrity stylist added, “I think that when I first got into the industry, and I really kind of had no idea what I was getting myself into, to me, clout was like, ‘Oh, my God, you’re this person. And I know this person idolizes you.” However, she said now being in it for as long as she has, she explained how Clout is the actual building block to success, the actual steps that one creates to build their personal brand or empire.

What Fashion Means To Ali Levine

She further explained what fashion means to her as she pointed out that she has always loved fashion. The fashion expert shared, “I have always loved fashion. So I always say, fashion is my passion, It always has been, to me, a way of telling your story. It’s a way of showing who you are and how you show up in the world. It is a way of making a statement some days, it is a way of showing a mood. It’s a real way of a real art telling, and that’s what I love about fashion.”

Ali discussed about how her love for fashion comes from a city, upbringing and her grandmother. She also shared details about her childhood and how she was as a kid.

Ali Levine’s Journey In The Fashion Industry

The fashion expert revealed how she thought about the next step of being a celebrity stylist. Ali shared, “I didn’t even know what a stylist was honestly. Stylists, the terminology really wasn’t out in the world until I would say like Rachel kind of got her show. And a couple other people started kind of coming up in the ranks.”

The celebrity stylist explained, “You know, for me, it was more than just I wanted to be in fashion. Like I knew no matter what I would do, I wanted to be in fashion. I didn’t know what it was when I was younger. At first, it was like, ‘I wanted to be a designer because I saw the amazing things that were created’.”

Ali Levine’s TV Appearance on Stripped

Ali further discussed about her TV appearance on Stripped as she shared and how vulnerable the experience was for her. She revealed, “It was very intense. And thank God they did not show all my intense moments. They only showed a few of my breakdowns. I had quite the mini breakdown, like I lost my s**t, to be honest. My husband had to comfort me, during filming and everything because it was extremely vulnerable. And it was funny because we really honestly didn’t know we were going to be naked.”

The TV personality shared how she and her husband were unaware about the “naked” part. They were completely striped with no devices and all this time in their hands. However, she shared her experience as she noted, “But it really makes you think. For me, I believe it was really transformative, because I had to really look within and I had to really be like, ‘okay, I really don’t have any distractions. What am I like, maybe not paying attention to my life? What am I maybe not present to? What have I been even ignoring?’ You know, what are some of my demons I don’t want to face You know, we all have them.’

Ali Levine’s Most Difficult Decisions

Ali talked about few of her most difficult decisions. She took these decisions on the way to her immense success. The fashion expert said, “Two of my biggest lessons, boundaries are huge. They’re not fun, they’re not comfortable to do at all.”

She then explained how she kept her ego in check as she shared, “I think the other lesson would be your ego. And it’s easy, especially with social media. All things that were around and society and everything that’s been kind of pointed at us for so long to have this rat race. It’s like, I must climb the ladder, and I must be better than so and so and I must, must must.”

Ali also shared with us the one motto that keeps her going. She further talked about her journey from becoming a fashion expert to being an influencer for mothers all over the world. The expert also opened up about a touching issue that exists all over, sex trafficking, Ali discussed about the evils of social media and how she dealt with it.

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