Will Professor be rescued by Berlin’s son Rafael in Season 5 of Money Heist?

Will Professor and the gang be saved by Berlin’s son Rafael in Money Heist season 5? Since the release of the new promo, every fan has been asking this burning question. Fans learned that actor Patrick Criado will play Rafael, Berlin’s son on the show in a clip released by the Spanish show, formally La Casa de Papel.

The trailer teases the father-son relationship and even shows them executing a heist together. Fans were taken aback by the news. A fan remarked on the Instagram post with the clip, “Berlin has a son?” “Please pause for a moment. Is there a son for Berlin? “another has been added.

Rafael’s Role In Heist

The promo, however, has sparked speculation that Rafael, together with Berlin’s wife Tatiana, will save Professor and the Bank of Spain gang.

Reddit was used by a few fans to offer their theories. “Because he was introduced as The Prodigal Son, I honestly believe he will be the one to save them from the bank.

Perhaps he betrayed Berlin and is now returning to save the Professor and his team after learning of Berlin’s death? “a fan observed Another fan speculated, “I’m starting to suspect he’ll play a major role in the escape plan.”

This Is What Fans Thought

However, another fan expressed his disappointment, saying, “These performers (Rafael, Tatiana, and, of course, Rene) will, I believe, only be seen in flashbacks. I don’t believe the robbers’ rescue (if there is one) will be carried out by a Machine God, such as someone we haven’t seen except in the past. Either the rescue will not take place, or it will take place with a new strategy developed by the Professor in collaboration with the Bank’s employees.”

To learn more, we’ll have to wait till the season premieres next month. Season 5 of Money Heist is split into two parts. The first will be released in September, and the second will be released in December.

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