Why The Undertaker doesn’t want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame on his own? Reveals Booker T

Why The Undertaker doesn’t want to be inducted into the Hall of Fame on his own? Reveals Booker T

Booker T mentioned the prospect of the Harlem Heat against FTR in his newest Hall Of Fame podcast. Also confessed that it’s a match he’d want to do since he like the AEW duos’ retro approach. He also stated that he is maintaining in shape and would be ready if the need arises. He stated, “That’s something I’d actually consider doing, doing anything with FTR.” “Just because those guys are throwbacks to how wrestling used to be, with no flips and only fists.” That appeals to me. But, number two, my brother and I had been on the same page for a long, and I’m not sure when that match would have occurred.

“Because these guys are in AEW, would it have occurred at an indie event, at Reality Of Wrestling, or during WrestleMania weekend?” So, I’m not sure, but let’s not say the fire is completely put out on anything like that. I’m still in shape, I’m still prepared, and I’m still ready to go if the day comes when this thing may possibly happen.”

What Booker T revealed about The Undertaker?

Booker T also addressed the suggestion that The Undertaker be inducted as a solitary member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Some wrestlers have suggested that the Deadman be given his own class. The Hall of Famer, on the other hand, does not want that to happen. ”Because the only way I see it occurring is for a bunch of guys to get up and tell a bunch of stories to get themselves into trouble.” When I and The Undertaker performed this, they were where they were. Personally, I’m not interested in hearing such things.”  The Undertaker’s ability to do it on his own was then questioned by Booker T. He doesn’t believe the Deadman would want to do something like that. Booker believes he’ll come in, speak his thing, and then leave.

“Could The Undertaker come up and amuse us for two hours, remove the TV, and so on?” He said, “I don’t think The Undertaker would want to come up here and tell stories all night.” “The one thing I’ve always enjoyed about the Hall of Fame ceremony is when these folks eventually get their chance. They go up there and refuse to go, dammit.

“They want to stay up all night talking about tales, and I’m like, ‘thank God.’ ‘Bro, we’re all set to sleep here.’ I’m sure The Undertaker will want to come out, say what he has to say, and then get out of there as soon as possible. I believe we will require more individuals than just The Undertaker in order to produce a performance.”

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