Ryan Garcia

Why Ryan Garcia Ignored Gervonta Davis In The Most Recent Lakers Game?

Recently, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis went to see the Lakers play in Las Vegas on Sunday. The two combatants will square off on April 22 inside the ring. It won’t be overstating things to say that this battle is the most anticipated fight of the year because T-Mobile Arena tickets for the fight were completely sold out in just three minutes.

As a result, viewers are eager to see it. A press conference and a face-off between the two guys recently preceded their battle. Ryan Garcia was being stopped by a group of spectators as he left the stadium after seeing the game. Ryan Garcia said, “We were enjoying the game,” to that. Garcia said confidently, “Of course,” when asked if he was prepared to take on Davis on April 22.

The reporter continued by inquiring, “What’s your reaction to this, sold out in less time to get a cup of coffee. Within three minutes, it was sold out. Garcia only said the word “crazy” in response to the query. The viewers are curious to learn more about this fight because right now, just the sight of these competitors silently pacing around a room excites the entire internet.

The entire stadium has already been sold

On April 22, under the bright lights of T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, rising boxing star Ryan Garcia and his bitter opponent, three-weight division champion Gervonta Davis, will square off in the ring to settle their long-running feud. This highly anticipated bout has received such a strong buildup that the entire stadium has already been sold. The boxing community is expecting a lot from this battle because it is unusual for two unbeaten fighters to agree to risk everything at this stage of their careers.

The boxers are as enthusiastic as the spectators. They are doing everything possible to make it a historic battle. This week, they had two simultaneous news conferences at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, and New York City, where they engaged in entertaining back-and-forth verbal scuffles in front of fans and the media. Since their rivalry began, the 25-year-old Garcia has come off as being more eager for this battle.

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