Why Roddy Piper never won the WWF Championship?

When thinking about this, it’s important to keep in mind that the WWF has always been a babyface domain, even during the WWF era. Babyface champions included Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, and Pedro Morales. Billy Graham was the only long-reigning heel champion at the time, and Vince Sr. still considered him as a temporary one who would keep the belt warm until Bob Backlund was ready for it. Piper was a heel, and the only way he could have won the title back then as a heel was as a temporary champion, which would have required him to later forfeit it. In several shoot interviews, Piper stated that he needed to avoid losing to Hogan because he knew his worth would fall. I assume the same would have been true if Piper had defeated Hogan just to hand the title back to him. When Hogan defeated a heel, they quickly retreated down the card and frequently left via the door.

Short Summary on Piper’s career

Throughout Roddy Piper’s career, this was the case. He began as a scrawny child in Canada before moving to the AWA, where he created his Scottish warrior persona. He continued on to California and rose to prominence as an NWA top villain. From there, he moved to Georgia, where he put on some weight while using steroids and became well-known for his chain match rivalry with Greg Valentine. After joining the WWF, he helped Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan create the perfect storm at Wrestlemania. One may say that Piper had a key role in starting the Rock and Wrestling relationship that propelled MTV to fame all over the world. During the promotional blitz that preceded Wrestlemania, Cyndi Lauper and Mr.T both rose to the status of cult icons. He turned around to stop the incessant murder threats against Piper since his hatred for her was so great. Additionally, it aided him in beginning a film career that secured his financial future and solidified his reputation. Although there have been many outstanding heels throughout the history of wrestling, Roddy Piper will always be remembered for his creation of Wrestlemania.

Piper’s Heel Phase

He will go down in wrestling history as one of the greatest villains. Working the Mic is one of a villain’s most important instruments for expanding his profession, as the majority of specialists are aware. A sold-out venue may be achieved by upsetting crowds before the fighter even enters the ring. If he can mount a serious assault on such a heel, the ensuing heat can elevate even the lowest worker to the position of night’s greatest hero. The crowd’s fervor will intensify when the promoter pits such a heel against a matinee star.

As a result, Piper could only have won the championship temporarily since he was a heel in baby face territory. Piper would not have done it because it would have diminished his worth. One of the sharpest people in the industry, Piper knew how to maintain his position at the top for a protracted period of time.

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