“Who the f**k is that?” – Triple H’s First Reaction To Logan Paul Joining WWE

According to Triple H, when WWE wanted to introduce Logan Paul for the first time, he didn’t know who he was. On the SmackDown programme airing on April 2, 2021, the social media superstar makes his debut. Sami Zayn invited him to the launch of the documentary’s trailer. At WrestleMania 37, The Maverick saw the former Intercontinental Champion battle Kevin Owens from the stands.

This year at WrestleMania 38, Paul made his ring debut in a match against The Mysterios alongside The Miz. The A-Lister was his opponent in a recent SummerSlam match. The question of how Triple H responded when he learned that WWE was considering putting Logan Paul on television came up during a recent visit on the Impaulsive podcast.

“You want me to be completely honest? I said, ‘Who the f**k is that?’ No offense, I think it’s funny because sometimes people talk about our business they go like, ‘Well, I watched a little bit when I was a kid.’ That means [they] never watch, and they don’t want to offend me or something like that. Like yeah, that’s not for everybody,” said Triple H.

He continued and said he had no idea who Logan Paul was:

“When they first said it [bringing Logan Paul to WWE], Kristen Prouty walked in, talked all about it and I’m like, ‘I don’t know who that is.’ I had no idea and then they told me and then I started looking at it and I was like holy sh*t, these dudes are massive.”

In a tag team match against The Miz and John Morrisson at WrestleMania 37, Bad Bunny made his pro wrestling debut. Damian Priest served as his partner. The Grandest Stage of Them All also featured Logan Paul’s first WWE bout. Many fans and veterans were thrilled by his most recent SummerSlam battle against The A-Lister. Regarding Logan Paul’s achievements in the ring, Triple H said that he appreciates him.

“To do what you did, right, it’s like Bad Bunny, same thing. And I don’t give this easy because I’ve done this for a long time, put my life on the line for it and seen other people do the same. Respecting our business for what we do is tough to get, and I don’t give it easy. ‘Taker doesn’t give it easy. The people at the top are like, ‘You got to earn it,’ and it’s a lot to earn. You earned my respect, big time. Bad Bunny earned my respect, big time,” said Triple H.


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