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When Shah Rukh Khan warned Aamir Khan to avoid working with Kajol

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol together are known to be one of the most romantic on-screen jodis that Bollywood has ever seen!

It is simply magical when we see Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol romancing each other on the screens. The two of them share a different kind of chemistry in reel-life. But in real life they are the best of friends.

However, their relationship didn’t start off on a very good note. According to a report of Indian Express, Shah Rukh had earlier revealed how he had  warned Aamir Khan to not work with her. He had said, “When I was working with her in Baazigar, Aamir (Khan) asked me about her as he wanted to work with her. I left him a message saying, ‘She is very bad, no focus, you will not be able to work with her’. And then I saw the rushes in the evening. I kept calling Aamir to clarify. I told him, ‘I don’t know what it is but she is magical on the screen’.”


Even Kajol went on to explain how SRK and other actors had a huge hangover when they came on the sets.  “I was jabbering away in Marathi to his make-up guy. They were like ‘what is that voice. It is going to split open our heads’. He was very grumpy but I kept chatting and finally he said, ‘Will you please shut up… chup ho jao’. I think that’s how we became friends.”

Shah Rukh quipped by saying that even now he has to tell her to shut up. Aren’t these two just adorable?

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