Time100 Gala Is Back: Checkout The Best Looks Of Celebrities

Zendaya: As always Zendaya was on the top of the game on the red carpet. She wore a beautiful gown with a diamond necklace.

Amanda Seyfried: Gorgeous Amanda appears in an all-black dress with an updo.

Miranda Lambert: She wore a perfect black gown which looked absolutely stunning along with her wavy blonde hair.

Bill Gates & Phoebe The father-daughter duo rocked the carpet. With Bill Gates wearing a simple black yet sophisticated tuxedo and her daughter wearing a silver slip dress.

Taika Waititi He wore a cream color tuxedo paired with some rings on his hand.

Valentina & Balvin Ferrer The all-in-black couple looked super cool with their black glares and outfit.

Dwayne Wade: Dwayne Wade arrived in a simple gray suit, smiling as he posed.

Aly Raisman She slayed the Time100 carpet with a white gown with black prints and kept her hairs straighten yet gorgeous.

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