The Bachelorette Fans React To Michelle Young’s Student Not Liking Martin

Christy Mathew

The sixth episode of The Bachelorette was full of twists and turns. Michelle Young’s special guests — her fifth-grade children — started by organising the ideal one-on-one date for their teacher.

To accomplish so, they paid the men a visit and challenged them to impress them. They interrogated the attractive hunks on a variety of topics; including whether they kissed Young or farted in front of her. While the boys were awestruck by all of the men, one, in particular, stood out.

Martin received a warning from one of the kids; who believed he was a braggart. It appears that fans have been stating this since the beginning. Since Young’s pupils first appeared on the show, Bachelorette viewers have been having a blast. 

They’re making memes out of their reactions; especially after one of the youngsters stated she didn’t like Martin. While he was chatting to her, her expression was pure gold.

With only a few men remaining on The Bachelorette Season 18, Young is forced to make some difficult choices. Young and Clayton went to a museum after the students chose Clayton for a one-on-one date and were shown discussing the traits they sought in a life partner.

The other of the guys, on the other hand, were debating how to impress Young on their next date so that she would give them a rose. If a male receives the rose this time, Young will meet that person’s parents. She is in a difficult situation because it is such a big deal.

Clayton was the first to be turned down by the former basketball player. He was a beautiful person, she admitted, but not her person. The Bachelorette has been filming in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, since the last episode. 

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