Streamer xQc Slams GTA RP Community For Not Following Game Rules

xQc, who is often criticized for his lack of roleplay in GTA has slammed the community back.

But why would he do that? Did xQc have a genuine reason to do so?

It seems YES! xQc lost his cool when the Police Officers of 'GTA NoPixel server' in which he was playing weren't following server rules.

xQc said that the police officers were playing an unrealistic GTA Server where they weren't fearing for their life when he pointed a gun towards them,

As per server rules the Police Officers should not move if they are downed.

The police officer pulled out his own gun and moved around erratically, that forced xQc to shoot him.

The Police even called for backup support on the radio while being downed by xQc.

What the f**k are you doing?” yelled xQc.

xQc gets criticized for not following the rules and he decided to do the same when others break the rules too.