The social media war of the 2022 NBA season seems to have been decisively clinched by the talisman for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry. 

Curry has been a must-watch player his entire career, but this 2022 season has been especially special for the Warriors guard.

There have been a lot of moments that were absolutely sensational by Curry, and that translated to social media with regards to the clips the NBA has been sharing through the season.

Steph has generated 1.4 billion video views throughout the season, easily the best in the league on that front. 

His closest competitor was Ja Morant, who Curry eliminated in the second round of the Western Conference playoffs.

We have seen amazing shooters in the league before, but nothing like Curry. He has some of the most highlight-packed MVP seasons of any player in the history of the award.

In addition, Curry has such a proven winning history that everyone is naturally invested in watching his achievements.

Everyone has known that Curry is a bona fide superstar, but numbers like this really put that into perspective.

Curry is on an entirely different level of appeal compared to most players in the league and he will continue being that until he decides to hang up his sneakers and walk away from the game.