The legendary Kobe Bryant is someone that has come up several times during this playoff run and especially in the Finals. 

The Mamba was a huge inspiration to Boston  Celtics man Jayson Tatum.  But now, it seems Steph Curry was the one emulating Kobe more than anyone else.

For both Bryant and Curry, their 4th championship was the first time they were named Finals MVP.

Both had won 3 before and were knocked for being upstaged by other superstars during the Finals.

But the similarities don't stop there. Both Kobe and Curry did this in their 13th season in the NBA.

Not just that, but both won the All-Star Game MVP during the same season, which is becoming an odd trend in the modern NBA but is still quite the coincidence. 

On top of this, Curry clinched the series in Boston while the Celtics had homecourt advantage, similar to Kobe winning it in Orlando in 2009.

There aren't too many similarities between their styles, so this isn't a comparison that gets made often, but there's no denying that these runs have shared a lot of similarities.

If Curry can emulate Kobe and win again next season, that would possibly make him an undisputed Top 10 player of all time, maybe even Top 5.