Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Is Back After A Decade

The most fan-favorite movie is back after a decade and we have all been  waiting for its trailer to see what the film has to offer the audience  this time.

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is going to arrive in the theatres, this December.

Yesterday Universal Pictures released the trailer of the film, which  showed us that this is going to be something different than the last  movie which came out in the year 2011, and now it’s been 11 years that  fans are getting a second film.

The first movie focused more on action & adventure. Puss in Boots is  a character from Shrek 2, then it got its own movie in 2011 with an  entire focus on the cat.

In the trailer, we get to see that back then Puss use to have 9 lives but now he is left with just one.

This time there is not much of action in the movie but there is some. At the start of the trailer we see him in action sequences.

We then see Puss going to Mama Luna as she needs a lap cat and to live  a normal cat life which is not really adventurous. Mama Luna names him  “pickles” among her other cats.

Then enters Goldilocks & the three bears to interrogate about  where the puss in boot is. We also see Kitty Softpaws joining the team. The whole journey of puss in boots is about finding the last wish & regaining all his past lives through it.