NCT's Lucas Under Fire Again; Fans Demand Resignation

Christy Mathew

There have been more details revealed about the scandal surrounding NCT's Lucas. This has resulted in more chaos in the K-pop community.

As per reports, the singer had bought a cat to score brownie points with the latest accuser. But it was handed off to another NCT member when it did not work

Many fans are questioning the legitimacy of the accusations. However, some are even demanding the label, SM Entertainment to remove him from the K-pop group.

After the previous accusations against the singer, a fifth person has come forward and posted a screenshot which shows a Weibo user of Lucas leaving the cat in a shop.

Lucas attempted to give his cat to the woman but she refused. Fans are still sceptical of the situation as Winwin is now taking care of it. But a fan posted the proof of Winwin having a cat.

The image showed white strands of hair on Winwin's shirt. Because of the number of people coming forward and accusing Lucas, many fans have begun the trend #LUCAS_OUT.

Despite the backlash many are still supportive of the NCT member and are releasing threads debunking all the accusations.  Lucas had previously apologized for his past actions.