Mike Tyson To Star In His Own Movie: ‘We’re Gonna Do This Without Anybody’

The Boxing legend, Mike Tyson is not just a boxer. He has expanded his horizons beyond the squared ring into acting, appearing in a lot of movies. Tyson’s previous roles include his part in “The Hangover” franchise, in which he famously played himself, and “Ip Man 3” where he played the role of the antagonist, Frank.

‘Iron Mike’ has also made several appearances on television. He has appeared in the WWE where he was part of the story involving DX and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Moreover, in the All Elite Wrestling, Tyson also became an ‘honorary member’ of Chris Jericho’s ’Inner Circle.

Tyson also has his own podcast, Hot Boxin’ With Mike Tyson, which has hosted a lot of celebrities as well as professional athletes. Tyson’s in-ring skills were second to none, but it is his charismatic nature and confident personality that has made him a star on the big screen.

In an episode of Bill Maher’s podcast “Club Random”, Bill Maher suggested to Mike Tyson that with his charismatic personality he could be a movie star also mentioning his role in “The Hangover”.

He says. ” When you’re the heavyweight champion of the world, even if you’re a non-charismatic guy you’re very famous but when you’re charismatic like you are, you know when you have that x-factor you could also like you know you did your turn in ‘The Hangover’, but you know you could be in movies.”

He even compared the legend with Dwayne Johnson and suggested that Tyson could even become like him if he wanted to. “You know you could do what The Rock does if you wanted to, probably do it better you know you got, not that he’s not good.”

Tyson then responds to Maher saying “And I will but I ain’t gonna do any of that stuff, we’re getting ready to do my lifestyle we’re gonna do this without anybody we put my own money up we’re just gonna do this stuff.”

It seems Tyson is ready to transition into the movie business with his own personal funds and under his own name. His personality certainly seems right for this and his name recognition could bring in a lot of audiences.

Mike Tyson is set to make his return in acting in a movie called ‘Black Flies’. He appears in the film among a star-studded cast that includes Sean Penn and Katherine Waterston. He will also be making an appearance in the movie Vendetta, which will be released later this year.