Michael Jordan's competitiveness was off the charts. His Airness always tried everything in his power to beat his opponents, even when he wasn't on the court.

No matter what, he always shows his passion, especially when he wanted to win something. Whether it was gambling, playing golf, or whatever, Jordan never hesitated to give his 100% to come out on top.

A couple of years ago, Jordan met up with David Blaine, and of course, the magician needed to do a trick for the GOAT.

First, Blaine asked Jordan to pick a card and say it out loud. Then, he asks somebody to select a number up to 30. This man named George selects  27, which are the cards Jordan  gets rid of before shuffling  the rest.

MJ did something different here, not shuffling the pack of cards to try to mess with Blaine. "I didn't shuffle, I tried to trick you," MJ said while Blaine and the rest of the public laughed.

After that, Blaine asked Jordan to show the first card of the pack, but MJ refused to do it. He ultimately did it and revealed the 3 hearts.

It was a hilarious exchange between the NBA GOAT and who many people considered the greatest magician of all time.

In this duel between two strong forces, Blaine got the best part, but Jordan tried to mess things up anyway.

Whenever he went, whatever he did, Jordan always brought his competitiveness with him. For good or bad, that's who he is and he won't stop anytime soon.