Magic Johnson And Larry Bird Set To Play Massive Role In NBA Finals 2022

The rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, led by their best players Larry Joe Bird and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, propelled the NBA on its current path of worldwide fame and glory.

Therefore, the National Basketball Association has announced a set of new postseason trophies to commemorate the contributions of the two living legends.

The NBA announced on Thursday that the new Eastern Conference Finals MVP trophy would be named after Larry Bird and the new Western Conference Finals MVP trophy after Magic Johnson. NBA fans had a mixed reaction to this new addition.

NBA unveiled that the new Larry Bird and Magic Johnson trophies would be somewhat similar to the Finals MVP trophy, but with silver balls instead of gold. NBA fans didn’t seem too excited at the idea.

Some fans called the awards participation trophies, while others thought that one of the trophies should’ve been named after LeBron James considering his consistently stellar performances in the playoffs.

Meanwhile, one fan thought a single MVP trophy for the entire playoffs would be a better idea. Most fans were either averse or indifferent to the idea. They deemed the addition to be unnecessary.

The NBA is introducing several changes to the postseason trophies to celebrate their 75th anniversary season. They have collaborated with artists Victor Solomon and Tiffany and Co. to design these changes.

The Larry O’Brien trophy is getting a new makeover. They have shifted the net and ball configuration forward to symbolize the league moving forward. The silver lines of the gold trophy have been made prominent. The rectangular base has now two circular discs. The top disc will bear the name of the 75 champions so far, and the bottom disc the name of the next 25 champions.