LeBron James is one of the most polarizing figures in basketball history. Due to his status, it is rare to see people who are just neutral with how they look at LeBron and his basketballing legacy.

Most either love him or hate him, which has been a very confusing way of appreciating one of the many legends of the sport.

Whether or not he is the best in some opinions, he is the most contemporary figure of a GOAT we have had, which means many people will fight very hard to solidify his position in that status.

The love is strong, and a video on Twitter recently was another example of it. A fan shared a video of his grandmother saying LeBron is her favorite player. 

Naturally, LeBron found the video and responded to it by telling the fan that he loves his grandma as well, calling her the greatest.

James does spend a fair amount of his time tweeting about things around him. It isn't usually targeted at individuals trying to discredit him but rather larger narratives around him.

These wholesome exchanges between fans and players are always heartwarming to see. 

LeBron fans would rather have him in 'Zero Dark Thirty' mode right now in the NBA Finals, but he is spending this summer at home, fueling up for his 20th season in the NBA.