The James family is having a great time right now. LeBron is having fun with his kids, hooping in his driveway with Bronny and Bryce, while also trolling his wife.

In recent hours, the four-time NBA champion shared a hilarious reel to troll his wife, showing the duality of Savannah when she's out and when she's at home.

Showing the picture of his high school sweetheart wearing Russell Westbrook's pants and then a video of her laying bed beside him, LeBron created a very fun reel.

The King is heard saying in the video: "Love a girl who can slay one day and look homeless the next. Balance, baby,"

Savannah had to fire back at LeBron and let him know he's not looking any young right now. "You mad aggy yo!!!! That skincare glistening tho"

NBA fans also reacted to this video, making fun of James, claiming he would sleep on the couch for making fun of his wife.

It's good to see LeBron is in great spirits while he gets ready to face a new NBA season. The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of work to do after a disappointing 2021/22 campaign.

They have new faces on the coaching staff and the fanbase hopes that this is the change they needed to turn things around.

If James plays like he played last season and the rest of the pieces help the squad, the Purple and Gold could be back in contention.