KUWTK: Kylie Jenner Is Having A Quiet Makeup Launch As Per Fans

A roundup

Following the Astroworld tragedy, followers of Being Up With The Kardashians believe Kylie Jenner is keeping quiet about her upcoming makeup launch. Kylie Jenner, who is expecting her second child with singer Travis Scott; was present at the rapper’s November 5 concert; which ended in disaster.

While Kylie, Kendall, and Stormi were unharmed at the event; a disastrous crowd surge resulted in ten deaths and hundreds of more injuries. Travis is now facing widespread criticism from fans; who claim he neglected to call a halt to his music festival when the crowd became hazardous. Fans also chastised Kylie for releasing videos of an ambulance among the Astroworld throng on social media.

Following the incident, the beauty entrepreneur said in an Instagram story that she and her partner were “broken and devastated”. Influencer Kylie Jenner has been silent on social media since her reaction to the Astroworld event.

Kylie’s unannounced Instagram sabbatical is a surprising move given that she frequently uses her 282 million Instagram followers to promote her many business interests.

With internet-breaking Instagram photos, the teenage businesswoman promotes every launch from Kylie Swim, Kylie Baby, and her most famous product, Kylie Cosmetics. Her latest Halloween collection launch drew criticism as the actress posed in some graphic promotional pictures.

Fans were startled to see what appeared to be new Kylie Cosmetics items on display without a statement from the CEO; as they are used to Kylie’s usual Instagram roll-out for new launches. One Reddit user on r/KUWTK commented a photo of Christmas-themed makeup on a Kylie Cosmetics retail display, “Kylie cosmetics holiday collection?”

Fans believe Kylie is keeping quiet about her latest makeup release; as a result of the negative coverage she received following the Astroworld tragedy. They think that marketing a new line may not be the best PR choice for the young mom at this time; as many have criticised Kylie for appearing to be unconcerned about the victims.