KSI Didn't Confront Tommy Fury & Jake Paul For This Reason In Dubai


At the time of the Floyd Mayweather Vs Deji Match, KSI too was present to support his brother.

KSI's rivals Tommy Fury & Jake Paul too were present at the event but the rapper didn't confront them.

But KSI has his reasons to not create any scene during his brother's important match.

In a recent video, KSI revealed that he did want to create madness by walking with his brother but he didn't as it was all about Deji that day.

He didn't want to steal the limelight from his brother by creating any drama.

He adds” I could have easily not walked out with him and gone in and beefed with Jake Paul or Tommy Fury. I could have easily done a madness, it could have been crazy.”

But he didn't get into any drama as it was his brother's night and he didn't want to spoil it.

He also mentioned Andrew Tate being there but he decided to stay out of  any drama  that night.