LeBron James is one of the most influential players of all-time. Throughout his career, James has opened ways for other NBA superstars to follow in his footsteps and take more control than ever over their careers.

As per NBA analyst Nick Wright, even among those players, LeBron James has impacted the careers of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant more than any other player in the league.

Nick Wright said, "It's the only fair result. Listen, as often is the case with modern NBA history, LeBron walked so others could run. LeBron came within a vote of being the 

first-ever unanimous MVP, then Steph could be. LeBron left a team that was of championship caliber to go try do it elsewhere, so now Kevin Durant can do the same thing."

He continued,  "And now, if Steph Curry, who's been averaging 34 a game, whose been the best player in the series - would anybody argue anyone other than Steph Curry? 

If this thing goes seven, and Steph continues to average 30+ points and no Celtic really seizes control, then of course Steph should win it.  I am consistent on this, it should go to the clearly and 

obviously best player in the series, assuming the series was close. So yeah, Steph should be Finals MVP if this keeps up. Unless they put in the rules. "it must go to the 

winning team," and I don't think they have, then yes. He should be."

Wright used the example of when James decided to leave the Miami Heat and make his return to the Cavaliers to bring an NBA Championship to them. 

Moreover, LeBron was close to becoming the first-ever unanimous league MVP but missed by just a vote. Hopefully, the league won't make a similar mistake with Steph Curry.