Kevin Durant is without a doubt an all-time great forward, and some people even view him as a top-10 player of all time.

He is one of the best scorers to have ever played the game, and  his shot creation ability in isolation is one of his greatest strengths.

Recently, NBA reporter Ben Stinar has claimed that Kevin Durant is a top 3 one-on-one player of all time.

It is easy to see why he thinks that, as Kevin Durant can get his shot over most defenders, often simply shooting over them.

However, Kevin Durant seems to think that he's even better than what Stinar suggested, claiming that being viewed as a top 3 one-on-one player is "a slight".

It is clear that Kevin Durant is confident in what he can do on the court, and while a lot of people would say that Michael Jordan and Kobe 

Bryant are the best one-on-one players ever due to their own ability in isolation, Kevin Durant is certainly up there.

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant in a  one-on-one situation generally results in a made basket.

While some may not believe that Kevin Durant is a top-3 one-on-one player ever, it would be understandable if someone said that he is the best.