John Mulaney & Olivia Munn Break-Up Rumours Take The Internet By Storm

By: Christy Mathew

Netizens were taken aback when allegations of X:Men Apocalypse actress Olivia Munn dating comedian John Mulaney started circulating on the internet. Unfortunately, their relationship appears to have been short-lived, as the two have reportedly broken up.

Mulaney and Tendler divorced in June of this year, and the two have been seen together since then. Olivia Munn seemed to be pregnant in paparazzi photos that surfaced online in September. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the 39-year-old comic, who recently completed treatment, verified the pregnancy rumours.

Unfortunately, the two have broken up, according to popular Instagram pop-culture website deuxmoi. According to US Weekly, the two reunited at a church, where Munn wished Mulaney luck in his sobriety. Munn is said to have known the stand-up comedian since the two met at a wedding in 2015.

John Mulaney was suffering from cocaine addiction and had relapsed before being brought to treatment. The former Saturday Night Live writer checked himself into a Pennsylvania recovery facility for two months. Mulaney filed for divorce and began dating Olivia Munn shortly after his release from rehab.

Deuxmoi received a blind item which read: “I’ve heard recently from a fairly reliable source that this B-C list celebrity and her baby daddy A-list comedian have recently called it quits. Source is a friend who works in publicity, so make of it what you will, but she heard they’re not attempting to fake the relationship for the public, but won’t be announcing it either.”

 Fans flocked to Twitter to share their feelings as the split rumours spread like wildfire. As noted in the preceding item, it appears doubtful that the couple will issue a comment regarding their current situation.

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