Jake Paul reveals his biggest issue with KSI

Jake Paul has revealed his biggest issue with his rival KSI, putting the British YouTube star on blast with Wade Plem.

Jake Paul and KSI have long standing rivalry for over many years now

Their feud has certainly become more personal over the last few years

Now, Jake Paul have finally revealed what his problem with KSI is.

During Wade Plem’s five-hour-long April 7 live stream, Jake Paul revealed 

He admitted that his issue with his rival lies with him being an “egotistical narcissist.”

“I see right through him because I used to be like him, I used to be the insecure famous dude, who had this like fake confidence,” said Jake.

When Wade asked him about KSI recent controversy of 'racial slur'  Jake replied:

“He’s just like an egotistical narcissist,” Jake replied. “Like I see it, and his image and how people see and view him means everything to him.

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