Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player of all time after all the good things he did in the 90s. 

MJ changed the game and took the NBA to the next level with his incredible Bulls, making a lot of people believe he would have thrived in any era. 

This debate has been brought up a lot by people and even though some think he would have struggled with certain rules, others are convinced his numbers would go through the roof.

Kevin Durant once explained how he thought Jordan would have fared in the league if he was part of the competition.

During an interview on The Boardroom, the Brooklyn Nets superstar broke down why Jordan would still be the best player in the league if he played today.

"He can adapt his game to anything," Durant said. "He would fit in as the best player in the league. That's what he would be. He would have more possessions to do more things. But there’s 

more athleticism in this game, there’s more length in this game, but you know it’s also more space for MJ to go to work. We’ll never know, but for sure he’s a master. You know masterful basketball player."

Jordan was a menace for defenders during the 90s and the game was way more physical back then. It's not hard to imagine what he would do if he played with our current rules.

Legends do well in every era, and that's exactly what MJ would have done if he faced this type of competition.