Home alone fame macaulay culkin praised for 'AHs' debut

By Christy Mathew

Macaulay Culkin made his comeback in American Horror Story season 10. The show premiered its first two episodes on August 25.

You might recognize him from Home Alone movies as Kevin McCaliister. In American Horror Story: Double Feature, he appeared as Mickey, a drug addict and gay prostitute.

The character is seen flirting with writer Harry Gardner when he visits a bar by offering him "frottage". He described it as "French for rubbing our d--ks together".

Gardner then moves on to novelist Belle Noir and playwright Austin. So far Culkin's acting has been appreciated by viewers as a fan wrote, "Not Macaulay Culkin quickly becoming my fave in under 3 min on #AHSDoubleFeature"

Another fan wrote, "Macaulay Culkin adds sort of an odd, esoteric, sense of nostalgia that fits the vibe of this new season really well." This came after the actor recently celebrated his 41st birthday on August 26. 

He wrote a tweet for his fans as he said, “I’m 41 years old. I hope you enjoy every passing year as much as I do. We’re not getting older, we’re just getting saucier. Also, there seems to be a super handsome, middle-aged dude on this season of American Horror Story. If I were you I’d totally check him out.”