Gervonta Davis explains the unprofessional delay of the press conference

When asked why he arrived an hour and fifty minutes late to the pre-fight press conference for his matchup with Ryan Garcia on April 22 in Las Vegas

Gervonta Davis explained. At roughly 2:23 p.m. EST, Davis arrived and entered the press conference, which had already begun at the usual hour. 

The two unbeaten fighters got into a fight over Davis's tardy entrance. 

Davis then admitted his mistake of arriving late for the press conference for his biggest bout to date.

Davis addressed the media and stated the following: "It was absurd." There was only traffic, and people weren't ready, and such things. 

I want to apologise to you for making you wait and other stuff like that. I found it to be quite unprofessional.

Ryan Garcia also weighed in on Davis's tardy entrance and the implications of being viewed as "unprofessional" at such a significant event, saying

"You know, it's only kind of going to function as a negative for the success of this event as a whole.''



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