Following negative drug tests, Conor Benn felt suicidal

Conor Benn's VADA drug test revealed a positive result for Clomifene before his match against Chris Eubank Jr. last year.

Conor Benn's removal from the world rankings and the cancellation of the fight followed this discovery right away.

Following an examination, the WBC has announced that Benn would be put back into their welterweight world rankings. 

Conor Benn spoke with Piers Morgan following the WBC statement.

After testing positive for Clomifene and being kicked off the world rankings, Benn confided to Morgan that he was suicidal. 

When questioned about how it affected him to be called a cheat.

"Yeah, it has hurt me. I had no confidence that I would survive this time. For something I haven't even accomplished.''

It's challenging because I feel like I should have been executed for something I didn't even commit, said Benn.



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