Floyd Mayweather calls Logan Paul's accusation that he was not paid for his showcase "bull****"

Floyd Mayweather has lambasted YouTube personality Logan Paul's "false" and "bull****" assertion that he has yet to be paid for his exhibition with the boxing icon last year.

Floyd Mayweather has called YouTube sensation Logan Paul's accusation that he was not paid for their show "bull****."

The boxing champion battled Paul in a tremendously successful exhibition last year, earning him £52 million and his opponent £15 million.

However, Paul claimed after the fight that he is yet to be paid in full for the meeting and has stated on multiple occasions that he intends to sue the undefeated former champion.

Mayweather has now defended himself for the second time, accusing Paul of looking for more payday.

"This is the guy who said he didn't get paid which we know is truly false, which is why I don't entertain the bull**** a lot of the time," Mayweather said at the press conference to announce his latest exhibition fight, against Japanese mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura.

"We know he got paid and if he didn't get paid he wouldn't be trying to get another payday. It is so crazy that Logan Paul wants to do an exhibition again but it is the same guy that said he didn't get paid. It is what it is."

Paul has reiterated his claim that Mayweather has not paid him for the fight on multiple occasions and has alleged he is still owed millions.

The YouTube star confirmed his intention to seek legal action and recently sent a message to Mayweather asking him to pay the money on the one-year anniversary of their fight.