FIFA President Gianni Infantino calls 2022 FIFA world cup opening as the best opening, sharing the picture of Jungkook's performance

FIFA President shared a memorable post on FIFA world cup 2022 five month anniversary

Infantino shared a picture of Jungkook’s performance and called the 2022 World Cup Opening ceremony the best Opening Ceremony ever.

It has been five months since Jungkook shook the world with his incredible performance of “Dreamers” at the 2022 World Cup Opening ceremony.

Earlier in December 2022, the FIFA President had shared that Jungkook’s performance was one of his favorite memories from The 2022 FIFA World Cup

calling him “Incredible” and a “Remarkable Performer.”

Jungkook debuts 'Dreamers' song at the opening of FIFA world cup and shook the world

Infantino further said: BEST opening ceremony followed by BEST FIFA world cup ever!

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