According to Draymond  Green, James' basketball brilliance makes him a different kind of opponent  and it's what makes him tougher to face than this current Celtics crew.

“It doesn’t compare to mentally playing against LeBron James, who I think is arguably the smartest guy to ever play this game,” Green said when asked to compare the two matchups. 

“Not one of, he is arguably the smartest guy to set foot on a basketball court. To say that it compares to that, it’s disrespectful to LeBron and it’s a lie to you."

Green further said, “This is not as much of a chess match as it is when you’re playing LeBron, who is dissecting every play in that computer of his, like in real time. Like that’s just a skill 

that not many people possess. Not many people can come and sit here and find a random stretch from seven minutes to four minutes in the second quarter and give 

you every play like to the T and not miss a beat. There’s not many people that can do that.”

The Warriors will have their hands full trying to close the series. If they want to win on Thursday, they will have to best the Celtics on their home court, which will not be an easy task.

If not, they will have to battle in a Game 7. Either way, it's going to be a challenge for the Warriors, just like it was a challenge against LeBron James.

But at least, this time, they don't have to deal with Bron's genius basketball mind at every turn.