As a child, one of Michael Jordan's idols was the same as a lot of kids of his generation, Dr. J, Julius Erving. Erving was a pioneer in terms of in-game dunking and arguably the 

first true NBA superstar in terms of being a celebrity and using his status to get endorsement deals and other commercial benefits thanks to his game.

Dr. J had children all over America wanting to dunk like him through the 70s, and he would eventually compete with quite a few of the greats that would follow him. 

Players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird ended up competing with Erving for the biggest prize of them all, the NBA championship.

In his early years with the Bulls, of course, MJ wasn't quite yet a contender in  that conversation, but he still wasn't one to back down, even from his legendary idol. 

Jordan and Dr. J faced one another 4 times in MJ's rookie season, and by the 4th time, Michael was talking trash to Erving just like he would to several other players.

Dr. J revealed the story: “I remember he came down, and he dunked on like the whole team. And then I went down and dunked on his team. And whatever, I was 

looking at him and he was looking at me and he was like ‘I can do it again you know!’”

In his first two meetings against Erving and his 76ers,  MJ averaged just 15 points but he would drop 31 in his 3rd  game against them and a whopping 40-piece in the  game this particular anecdote  is from.