David Dobrik Pisses Off The Internet Yet Again

By Christy Mathew

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David Dobrik has come under fire again after continuing his tradition of trashing his friends' new gifts.

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This time, the influencer targeted his childhood friend, Natalie Mariduena's gift which was a baby blue vintage Ford Bronco.

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David had returned back to vlogging in June after his three-month break. This was because of allegations by former Vlog Squad member, Seth Francois.

The Youtube video titled "SHE CRASHED HER DREAM CAR" saw Jason Nash explaining the process of restoration of Natalie's car.

On the black screen, David explained that Nick was dropping off the restored car for delivery. The scene cut to David yelling at the Ford Bronco that was sliding away at the end of the tow truck and landed directly on its trunk.

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Natalie, Jason and Nick were all shocked by the events and were very upset as they repeated this is a dream.  David made an attempt to take things in a lighter note and joked about it before moving onto the next part.

David and his Vlog Squad's reaction came under fire. Many users called out that the destruction was fake. Users also theorizedd that David would fix it later. Users were also saying that it's not funny.