In an interview, Charles Barkley talked about how he is thankful to 3 NBA Legends for allowing him the opportunity to never get a real job.

Chuck said, "Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are two most important figures in NBA history. They saved the NBA. Because people act like now guys are making 30-40-50 million dollars, 

when I got to the NBA the average salary was two hundred thousand dollars. Then Magic and Bird came, and they had the greatest rivalry in NBA history. They had racial undertones, but 

the thing I admire about them two, them brothers, were just basketball junkies Magic and Bird. So when they came to the NBA stuff started to take off and then 

Michael came in and took it to a whole another level. So I thank those guys for making sure I never have to have a job."

Barkley's point is excellent as these three players have indeed had a huge impact on the NBA.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did really help the NBA from shutting down and helped NBA regain its popularity, which resulted in players getting paid more.

And Mike had an unparalleled career in NBA history and there are no two ways to look at it. His impact was visible both on and off the court.

Thanks to them, players can actually last for a lifetime from their earnings while playing in the league, risking their bodies for the majority of any given year.