When it comes to the GOAT debate, most fans and experts believe that no one comes closer to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

He has won everything an NBA player could dream of and has some fantastic feats to his name. But his achievements on the court can always be up for debate.

NBA Hall of Famer and longtime rival of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, explained why the Bulls legend was the GOAT for him.

Chuck said, "I mean, Michael did two things why I always tell people [that] I think he’s the GOAT. Number one, the shoe thing. Nobody was making money in shoes before Michael."

"Now, guys [are] all making three, four hundred million dollars a year because of Michael. Well, a couple of guys are making that much. But that’s because of Michael. 

Then, secondly, we all got commercials. Nobody made commercials before Michael Jordan came along."

As Chuck explained in the podcast, when Jordan got his signature shoes, it truly changed the game.

While players before him also got signature shoes, it wasn't until Mike's deal that it truly had a huge impact on the industry.