BTS' Jungkook reacts to being called cute baby girl for his long hair during live

Maira Shakeel

BTS member Jungkook recently hosted yet another live session on the online fan community

He went from answering their queries to some karaoke and even flaunted his dance moves.

During the broadcast, he also reacted to someone who called him jungsoonie

a Korean nickname which is used for ‘long haired cute baby girl’.

On a live session Jungkook appeared in his casual look. He donned a white sweatshirt, with his mullet hairstyle

When someone called him ‘jungsoonie’, Jungkook replied in Korean

as per a translation by @eternalhyyh, “No, I am not jungsoonie!”

He went on to smile and tied his hair with a hairband at the exact moment as well

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