BTS is a popular male idol group. September's brand reputation rankings

Kalpit Sahu


The Stray Kids are ranked second on the list.

Second Rank

With a brand reputation index of 7,630,367 in September, BTS topped the list for the 40th month in a row. 

 “Billboard,” “China,” and “fan club” were among the top-ranking phrases in the group's keyword research, alluding to their magnificent performance on the Billboard chart and the affection they receive from their ARMY!

The words "achieve," "recapture," and "halt" were among the top-ranking linked terms, and their positivity-negativity analysis yielded a score of 60.71 percent positive reactions.

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Stray Kids jumped to second place in the rankings after their brand reputation index increased by 105.95 percent since August. For the month, the group's overall score was 2,446,281. 

With a brand reputation index of 2,355,419 in September, NCT was a close third.

BTS, Stray Kids, NCT, The Boyz, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, and ASTRO are the top 10 boy groups in terms of brand value this month.


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