BLACKPINK’s Lisa Debuts LaLisa On Five Billboard Charts With Hit Solo

Christy Mathew

Lisa’s solo debut is clearly one of the biggest solo debuts of the year. The Blackpink singer has already broken multiple records with the very first teaser image. She has continued to do so even after days of the release.

Lisa released the single album, LaLisa for her solo debut on September 10. The album has made it to Youtube, iTunes and even Spotify history. It comes as no surprise that Lisa would be on the charts of Billboard if we look at the number of sales and digital streams in the first week itself.

Billboard is one of the biggest international music charts that exist and with Lisa being on five of its charts is commendable. And this is with almost no promotions which prove how big of an influencer she has as a global artist. 

LaLisa has outsold Lisa’s own group’s album, Blackpink’s The Album as it made more than 730k sales. This has made it the fastest-selling K-pop album by a female idol. LaLisa has crossed 51.2 million streams on Spotify as of September 21.

Earlier, Lisa’s fandom, Lilies were showing their displeasure over the way her label, YG Entertainment had been handling her solo debut promotions. Fans were further disheartened when Lisa herself revealed that her future schedule for LaLisa was uncertain.

However, fans had already noticed this before the release as they begged the label for proper pre-release promotions. And as passionate as they are, they took matters into their own hands to cheer up Lisa and make her solo debut even more successful. 

They are to be credited for Lisa’s debut being on Billboard as much as Lisa herself. Billboard released its chart data for the week on September 20. Lisa made her debut on Billboard Hot 100 as LaLisa ranked at #84 and is the first Thai idol to do so. 


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