Draymond Green is not having a Finals series becoming of the 3-time former champion. Green has long been heralded as one of the most integral pieces in the Warriors' lineup not named Stephen Curry. 

He is the team's defensive system and primary playmaker. But when he doesn't succeed on those fronts, Green is an active liability on the floor.

Game 3 exemplified Draymond's struggles, even getting trolled by  Al Horford's sister after  his 2-point outing with  limited defensive contributions.

Draymond will have a lot to say about this on his podcast, something Green has dedicated a lot of time to during the Playoffs.

Green's media endeavors in the playoffs have never been replicated by an active player before. He was hosting Inside the NBA after games against the Dallas Mavericks and 

regularly uploads his podcast right after a game. It seems his dedication to podcasting is already outweighing his contributions on the court.

For a player that is making $25 million this season, this contribution is quite egregious.

Draymond is not a gifted scorer, but he has always been a great playmaker and hard-nosed while getting rebounds.

His contribution goes beyond the box score, but the box score is telling tales that will be worrying for Warriors fans as Draymond is evidently preparing for his post-retirement media career a little prematurely.