According to Cody Rhodes, Brandi deserves the WWE title "almost more than I do"

Without the influence of his father Dusty Rhodes' own career, Cody Rhodes' journey to the Undisputed WWE Universal Title would not have been the same.

But, Rhodes said on the "Superstar Crossover" podcast that his opportunity to win the title wouldn't even be feasible without another member of the Rhodes family.

The American Nightmare spoke candidly about the most significant ladies in his life, revealing that Brandi once played a significant part in Rhodes' comeback to WWE

I wouldn't even have been allowed to return if Brandi hadn't made a very unselfish choice, he said.

Rhodes didn't go into detail on what Brandi specifically did to make it possible for him to return to the WWE at WrestleMania last year after quitting the company.

Rhodes said that he experiences emotional outbursts whenever his wife is mentioned and that "Brandi deserves the WWE Title nearly more than I do."

The WWE star stated that he feels it is his duty as a husband and a parent to bring the united titles home to the Mrs. and their young daughter Liberty.

I feel such a responsibility to come back, perhaps with two championships, or just to report back having given everything I could, he added.



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