We live in a world of perfectionism - Langer pleads for kindness towards Paine

We live in a world of perfectionism – Langer pleads for kindness towards Paine

Tim Paine’s life has been shattered within a span of a month. From being scheduled to captain Australia in the Ashes to eventually opting out of the series, Tim Paine is going through a lot. The media has been ruthless with Paine. As they were with Smith and Warner three years ago. While Paine indeed has made a mistake, and it can’t be excused, one does feel sorry for him the way he is going down.

Paine is now 37, he is fit for sure but 37 is the age where you are not at your best, not your prime career. Your hands go down slow, legs don’t move as fast and movements are just overall slower. Of course, in this age of fitness and acrobatics, that margin has reduced, but one can’t just neglect the factor of age.

Justin Langer, Tim Paine’s coach, and more than a coach – a dear friend, is saddened by how Paine’s life has tumbled since the outbreak of his charges. 

He is absolutely shattered – Langer on Tim Paine’s current well-being

“I’m very sad for what’s happened. He and I have been through a journey like we have with all this group. He’s one of the best people I have met in cricket, so it was nice to go down and see him. He’s obviously shattered with what’s happened. Because he’s been such an exemplary figure in Australian cricket for the last four years,” said Langer.

“I heard about it, I think I was getting on a bus on the way to England about an incident. Because Painey told me about it. That was nearly four years ago. And literally the first I heard about it after that was the day or two days before he resigned. So, I had no idea about an investigation. I didn’t know anything about that. I obviously know deeply the full story now and the context of it all. But I certainly didn’t know that before. And again, what other people make of it again is completely out of my control.,” he said.

Langer reflects on the mindset of the society

It is undeniable that media and society are too harsh when people in spotlight make a mistake or take the wrong step. There are plenty of examples to back that statement. While people desire the fame and limelight public figures have, the anxiety and pressure they go through daily often gets ignored, as it does not exist.

“We live in a world of perfectionism, don’t we? We’re a very judgmental society. And as I said at my very first press conference, I was asked about Steve Smith and David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, there’s not one person who’s asking questions … or who is listening to this who hasn’t made a mistake in their life. There’s not a single person. And our captain, one of the best, made a mistake and is paying a heavy price for it. I continually see in this job, and I see in this society we live in, is it can be brutal. You learn your lessons, but we live in an unforgiving society and that’s a real shame.”

When asked whether Paine can make a comeback in the test side, Langer didn’t rule out the possibility. “He loves cricket. He absolutely loves cricket. And he’s 37. He is a fit as any athlete, certainly in our squad. He looks after himself so well. He’s very focused. So who knows. His No.1 priority at the moment is family as you can imagine, and that’s how it should be. I’m not sure we’ve seen the end of him. But we’ll wait and see. That’ll be his decision.”

Avishkar Govardhane is a Sports Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News covering the latest Cricket News.

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