Watch HyunA and Dawn in the music video for “PING PONG” as each other’s L.O.V.E

When it comes to HyunA and DAWN, the math equation “1+1=1” makes perfect sense when it comes to their debut duet album. On September 9 at 6 p.m. KST, the solo artists from Psy’s P NATION will release their first-ever mini-album, titled “1+1=1.” (2:30 PM IST).

The film offers a showcase of the two artists’ various styles, which are reflected in the colorful decor and distinct clothing. With drums and HyunA going on about DAWN being the one who can shake her in a pink themed stage, ‘PING PONG’ begins with clicks of tongue. As DAWN goes along, making love confessions in Spanish, he waits to make her his M.O.M- My Official Muse.


HyunA and DAWN play the ‘PING PONG’ in synchronised steps while living their lives the way they desire. As the two beg everyone to “love sombody,” animal prints emerge many times throughout the video. HyunA and DAWN pledge to ‘do whatever I want’ beneath stormy skies and beautiful hair that draws all eyes to them.

DAWN, HyunA, Yoo Gun Hyung, Kwon Philip, and SPACE ONE collaborated on the moombahton dance hit. The pair wrote the lyrics for their song “PING PONG.”


‘1+1=1′ also includes three more songs: ‘XOXO,’ ‘I Know,’ and ‘Deep Dive,’ in addition to the title track. All four tracks on the mini-album were composed and lyrically written by HyunA and DAWN.

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